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About the Artist

Heike Rose was born 1967 in Munich, Germany. She studied fine arts in Munich. Since that time, she has been working as a freelance artist.

Her art has been displayed at numerous galleries in Europa. London (“Square One Gallery” “Victoria Jones Gallery” “One plus Two” ”IAI, “International Aluminium Institute”), Berlin (“Xotic Art” “Art Move”),Manchester (“Artzu Gallery”), Wiesbaden (“Gallery 21”), Essen (“Aluminium Trade Fair”) and Duesseldorf  (“The Bright World of Metals- World Trade Fair Gifa”)

Her work is in many corporate and private collections, nationally and internationally.

Heike Rose works primarily with acrylics. Her current body of work examines the contrasts between reality and fantasy. A major theme of her work is a break from the traditional images and role of women depicted in western society. Her paintings are always thought provoking. Her artworks often display colorful visual worlds, which contain profound depth but which are also accessible to the attentive observer. The paintings are often humorous and even ironic and provide the observer with obvious and sometimes hidden issues for consideration.

Heike Rose has also produced sculptures and mural reliefs in aluminum. She works with the lost-wax process to cast figures in silicon-aluminum. To create her relief images out of rolled aluminum sheet Heike Rose works with plasma-cutter and arc welders.

About her Art

In all of her works, Heike Rose Schmidt-Pfeil  asks the question: who controls the female image?
Male artists rarely reference the female body on its own terms but showcase women as either objects of desire or as objects of inspiration and veneration. In western art, women are usually represented as powerless and sexually subservient to their circumstance. In contrast, Heike Rose’s women are always depicted as comfortable in their sexuality and always in control of the environment they inhabit.  They are sometimes placed in a context which suggest traditional roles, but on closer examination they are the opposite of what they appear. They may have a suggestive body placement, but they will also playfully look right at the viewer and dare the viewer to look deeper, and often emphasize their message with a straightforward and sometimes ironic statement directed at the viewer.

Heike Rose’s  women are proud of who they are and demand power over how they are shown and most of all, they want control of their bodies and wish to share an equality of vision with their counterparts.

Contact the Artist

Heike Rose Schmidt-Pfeil
Freibadstrasse 4   
85540 Haar- Munich   
Telefon: 0049 (0) 89- 46 20 48 69
E-mail: SchmidtPfeil@t-online.de

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